Meet our kittens

 This is Buddy

And this is Dobby
So around a month ago we saw a litter of lovely kittens were for sale in our area and fell in love with the white and grey one of the bunch, we went to visit him and arranged to pick him up once we'd returned from a little trip away. I'd picked a name for my future cat a long time ago so we knew we were going to call him Dobby. We went out and bought all the stuff he would need from food and litter to scratch posts and blankets. The day Dobby was due to join our family soon rolled around and we went to pick him up, he climbed happily into the pet carrier and we turned to leave, thanking the family we'd bought him from when suddenly they went, "Erm we only have one kitten left and lots of people have let us down in taking him, do you want him for free?" They explained that a couple of people had said they were going to have this other kitten but let them down or tried negotiating the price which led the sellers to believe the buyers couldn't afford to properly look after the kitten anyway (they were for sale for a very cheap, reasonable price and negotiating it would come across as very cheeky and set alarm bells ringing.) Josh and I looked at each other and we knew instantly that we couldn't leave him behind. 

Josh had wanted to get two cats anyway and I just couldn't leave behind the kitten that no one seemed to want, so we said yes. As we took them both back to their new home with us, I did have a little bit of doubt about having two kittens, it was double the cost and double the trouble, but as he stepped out of the pet carrier I knew there was no way we couldn't not have him as part of our family. We settled on the name Buddy and that was it, I was sold! I knew we would have ended up with two cats eventually so I'm happy that we've got two brothers now as it means they'll get on much better rather than introducing a different cat later down the line. They love each other so much and it's so cute to watch! 

Buddy may not have been planned but I'm so happy that we have both him and Dobby in our lives!

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