On turning 25 and reflecting

Two weeks today I will be 25. For the past few years I've wrote blog posts as my birthday has approached to take time to reflect on the past year and air my thoughts on the year ahead. Last years post was a pretty good time to reflect, I'd done so many things in my 23rd year from seeing Paul McCartney (twice) to booking my dream holiday. I'll be honest, birthday's have never really bothered me in terms of getting older but I'm just not sure how I feel about being 25, I mean the officially classed as being in my mid-twenties, not to mention it's also a quarter of a century old!

So how did 24 treat me? Pretty well to be honest. The highlight had to be that two weeks into my 24th year Josh and I jetted off to Florida, something we'd talked about for years but were never sure it would happen. Of course regular readers my have noticed there's also being something else going on over the past half a year, Josh and I have bought our first home. Although it's been far more difficult than we first imagined (and seemingly unusually difficult in the norm of buying a house too) I am so proud of what we have achieved, unfortunately it isn't looking like we'll have the keys before my birthday but I'm still happy.

So what are my hopes for turning 25? I want to turn our house into a beautiful home and continue to feel happy and proud of our little place. I'd like to concentrate on blogging a lot more and make time to blog regularly, I'll have a super pretty desk space to work from when we move so there's no excuse really. I would also like to take some steps to become happier with my work life, in all honesty I would like a change of career but I'm not sure that's achievable in a year. I have an idea of what I would like to do I just need to pluck up the courage and take the plunge. Finally, and this is a big wish, I'd love it if we could book another trip to Florida. Given our working patterns it would be unlikely that we'd actually be going on holiday within the next year but if we could book Florida for next summer I'd be really happy, fingers crossed for that one!

25, I'm ready for you!

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