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I've pretty much had blonde hair for around 2 years now, aside from a brief stint when it was an auburny/chestnut colour earlier this year. Naturally my hair is a mousey brown colour so it's took a lot of time, trial and error and a few decent hair cuts to learn how to look after dyed blonde hair. I thought I would pass on my top tips and favourite products for any fellow blondies out there.

1. Don't have any illusions that having blonde hair isn't extremely damaging (especially if you're dying it yourself). The lighter you go the more damaging it is, you are putting bleach on your hair that stuff is not going to leave you with healthy locks! Read on though for tips to combat the damage and keep your blonde looking beautiful.
2. Go for a good cut after dying your hair, the ends will be dry, split and eventually go wispy and overall your hair will look a little less solid. Nip this in the bud by getting those dry ends chopped off.
3. Hair masks are a must, I like a variety of masks on rotation to combat a few different problems. Some I use every week, others every couple of weeks.
4. Oils will become your best friends. Again try out a few different ones and rotate them round.
5. Gone are the days of a quick wash and conditioner, oils and masks should be left on for as long as possible to give your hair some really deep nourishment. I know some people sleep with them in their hair but personally I whack mine on them wrap my hair in a towel for a few hours before rinsing.
6. Toning shampoo's are the greatest things ever. Blonde hair looks amazing when properly toned. Without toner you're left with lovely shades of yellow and orange. Not a good look.
7. Lay off the heat, your hair is already weak, don't make it worse by using excessive heat. Leave your hair to air dry when you can.
8. Try not to do too much to your hair when it's wet. Wet hair snaps easier than dry hair so after washing, gently squeeze any excess water out then wrap your hair in a microfiber towel, do not rub your hair. Also try not to brush your hair when it's wet as again you'll experience more breakage and fallout.

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