Happy List #116

Long time, no Happy List. 7 months to be precise. Oopps. Anyway I've just had two weeks off work and I've had the best time ever. It really has been so much fun and very relaxing too which is making the prospect of setting my alarm for 6am tomorrow and heading back to work a very difficult one.
Here's what's made me happy recently...

 1. Kicking off the first weekend off with a huge Indian meal with Josh's family to celebrate his birthday then getting up the next day and going for a McDonald's breakfast and to do some homeware shopping.
2. Day's out with my mum and her friend. We've been to the cinema to see 10 Cloverfield Lane and out for drinks over the bank holiday followed by lots of Chinese food and Card Against Humanity.
3. Lots of kitty cuddles with Lexi and Boo. Lexi loves to come for morning cuddles and it's been great to lay in and have a much more relaxing start to my days rather than jumping out of bed at 6am.
4. Dying my hair. I've been blonde for a couple of years now so I wanted to try something new. It took a while to get used to the new colour but I do really like it, it's fading so fast though!
5. A trip to Lincoln. Josh and I have been super busy over the past few months so even though we've stayed together a lot, there's been a lot of times where it hasn't really felt like we're spending proper time together so it was really great to get away for a few nights, explore a new place and just be together.
6. All the other little things such as going for walks, having the best carvery ever, buying more stuff for our house and just feeling more relaxed.

I super sad that these two weeks have come to an end but it really has been great.

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