48 Hours in Lincoln

Last week Josh and I escaped to Lincoln for a few nights away together. It was so great to explore a new city together and just spend some time relaxing and being together. We didn't get up to too much while we were there but I thought I'd share some photo's with you as it turns out Lincoln is quite a pretty place. 

On our first day we had the afternoon and evening to explore so we headed straight down to Brayford Wharf for a quick drink in a cosy little pub called Royal William IV. Now neither of us are big drinkers but we do like the atmosphere of a cosy real ale pub so always seek places like that out. The pub was nice but a little on the expensive side and they didn't have a great selection of drinks. So we headed back to the High Street for a little wonder and found another pub called The Cardinals Hat. I cannot rave enough about this place, it's bloody amazing! Seriously if you're ever in Lincoln you have to visit this place. Outside it's a beautiful Grade 2 listed building with timber frames from the 1500's, inside it has an artsy, industrial feel to it with exposed brick walls and hanging lightbulbs but it manages to retain its cosy feeling very well. The range of drinks on offer here is amazing too and they're all presented in a newspaper style menu. I can highly recommend the plum cider!

In the evening we headed out to the Green Dragon pub (which is located on the waterside) for a meal. They serve traditional pub grub and an extensive grill menu, with some more exotic options of kangaroo, ostrich and wild boar. As you expect with traditional pub food the portions are pretty huge. Josh opted for fish and chips and I had lasagne. Both meals were absolutely delicious, no frills home cooked food at its best. However after the meal we were both so full we didn't feel like doing anything else so we just headed back to our Premier Inn and curled up in bed to watch TV!

On our full day in Lincoln we decided to visit the castle and cathedral, both of which are at the top of Steep Hill. I can tell you now, steep is an understatement for that hill. It nearly killed me walking up it, so of course we went up, down and then back up it again all in one day! We spent most of the day around the Catherdral Quarter taking in the sites and finding another brilliant pub. We headed to the castle first and had a look at the Magna Carter, the prison and then headed up on to the walls. A visit to the castle is well worth it just for the walls, it's so lovely to walk around and there's some amazing views. After the castle we went across to the catherdral, as we'd bought a joint ticket for both attractions we went inside too. We didn't spend too long in there as neither of us are the slightest bit religious but we did appreciate what a beautiful piece of architecture the cathedral is.

After all that walking we of course had to have a pub break so headed part way down Steep Hill to Widow Cullen's Well, a Yorkshire Brewery pub. Naturally being Yorkshire folk we had to head in. We spent quite a long time in here even though we only had two drinks because it was just such a comfy, quiet pub to sit and catch up in. There's huge chairs and sofa's to sink into which are very welcome when you've been doing a lot of walking and the Sam Smith's strawberry beer there is just amazing.
After our rest we went to The Collection Museum which is split across two sites, one being an art gallery, the other an archeology museum. Art isn't really my thing so I wasn't a big fan of the gallery but the archeology museum was pretty good. Our legs were then well and truly tired so we decided to head back to the hotel to freshen up for the evening. After getting so full the night before we decided it was best to grab some snacks for in the room then have some drinks first before food, however I'm not ashamed to admit that after spending a good few hours back in the Cardinals Hat the only place we made it to for tea was McDonald's which we went back to the hotel with and watched TV! Oh well!
 On the morning of our last day we headed back up Steep Hill (I honestly don't know how my legs managed it) and spent time walking around the grounds of the cathedral and getting some photo's.

We both absolutely loved Lincoln and it was great to explore somewhere new. As much as we can't get enough of York and Liverpool, we know those cities like the backs of our hands now so it was really refreshing to go somewhere and not really know much about the place and just find lots of good things to do. We both highly recommend Lincoln for a relaxing break away and we'll certainly head back in the future. 

I also did a bit of vlogging whilst in Lincoln so you can watch that below.


  1. I saw a couple of your pics on Instagram and Lincoln looks so nice! I would love to do some more exploration of UK places. Spending your time climbing hills and sitting in cosy pubs sounds like the ultimate combination x

    1. Yeah, lots of places left in the uk that I'd like to explore too. Great to see you back blogging by the way x

  2. Oh my goodness!! It looks like an amazing place to visit :) I should add it to my bucket list!


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