How herbal teas can help with IBS

Today I'm back with another IBS Series post to talk about a couple of herbal teas and their benefits for IBS sufferers, all from personal experience I am in no way offering medical advice and what works for me may not work for others, there could also be other teas/drinks out there that benefit IBS sufferers so I'm not saying there are only the two I'm going to mention either.

Peppermint tea

Basically this stuff is a god send for IBS sufferers it eases digestion and therefore can relieve some of the symptoms of IBS such as gas and bloating (oh the glamour!). I've been drinking this stuff since a couple of months after I was diagnosed with IBS and I find it really works and really helps me. I don't drink normal tea and I'm not a huge coffee drinker either (apart from a cup or two a week at work) so I found drinking peppermint tea a lot easier to fit into my day than what a normal tea drinker would probably find, but it's worth noting that consuming a lot of caffeine isn't good for an IBS sufferer anyway. In a typical day I usually have 3-4 cups of tea and I'm pretty religious with this routine. I find it really helps especially if I've eaten a big meal too.

Fennel tea

Much like peppermint tea, fennel tea can ease the common symptoms of IBS such as gas, bloating, cramps and there's even some research to suggest it's particularly good for IBS+constipation sufferers as it aids digestions and gets things flowing a little more smoothly. It's also good for relieving indigestion which some IBS sufferers also get too. I haven't been drinking fennel tea for as long as peppermint tea and to be honest I'm a little more hit and miss with it, though I really should introduce this tea into my diet a lot more because of the long list of benefits it has! I actually like the flavour a lot more than peppermint tea too, it tastes like liquorice.

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