I left my heart in...

Over the years Josh and I have fallen in love with a few cities, long time readers will know we both absolutely love York and Liverpool and both cities, for a variety of reasons, will always hold a very special place in my heart. However there is one city that I, with out a doubt, wholeheartedly fell in love with...

...I left my heart in Orlando, Florida.

For the longest time Josh and I talked about visiting Orlando but it always seemed like a distant dream, something we could daydream about but was so out of our reach. Until last year, when of course, all my dreams came true and we jetted off for what has to be the best two weeks of my life. I remember landing at the airport and it still didn't feel real, had we really, finally made it to our dream destination? I had to pinch myself!

The child in me of course absolutely adored the Disney parks and the Harry Potter World at Universal. Even at 24, meeting Tinkerbell was the best thing ever. Sipping on iced Butterbeer in temperatures pushing 40 degrees was a much needed cooling refreshment too. Of course the parks were the reason we went to Orlando and they are naturally one of the reasons I miss the place so much, everything is so happy and magical there. However I honestly think one of the main reasons I completely loved Orlando was because it was an actual dream come true and I got to share it with the person I love with all my heart, together we'd dreamed of this and together we'd created our perfect holiday. There is no one in the world I would have rather have created all those beautiful memories with.

I knew from the first full day we spent there that the city had stolen my heart. I remember standing watching Wishes at Magic Kingdom on our final night, we'd just spent over an hour sheltering under a vending machine cover in the worst storm I have ever witnessed, the rain had beaten down, the thunder had cracked at a deafening volume and lightening had even struck the castle. Our shoes were heavy with water, but none of that mattered because I was watching a truly magical and beautiful show and as the tears rolled down my cheeks I knew I didn't want to leave and that Orlando would always be in my heart. When I'm feeling down or I've had a bad day my mind flashes back to those glorious two weeks, when I'm fed up with work, the thought of saving to go back keeps me going.

Orlando, you stole my heart and soul. You were amazing!

This post forms my entry to Get Your Guide's #ileftmyheartin city break campaign which you can find here. I was in no way compensated for this post, it was just a great excuse to express my love for Orlando! 

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