York 2015

A couple of days before Christmas, Josh and I visited York for two nights. We both absolutely love York and it was the perfect little getaway to get us in the Christmas spirit and to celebrate our 8 year anniversary.

For our first two days there it rained on and off but we didn't mind because it meant we could spend more time in all the quirky and cosy pubs. Wandering through the Christmas market was also nice just as it was getting dark and everything was lit up. The highlight had to be Thor's Tipi though which was a bar inside a huge Tipi serving the best Bailey's hot chocolate in the world. There was a huge fire and good music, we loved it in there.

We also visited the dungeons whilst in York which is something we've never done and we both really enjoyed it. It's well worth a visit, a little tip if you do plan on going though, book online and go for the early time slot as it's so much cheaper than any other time slot or paying on the door!

By our last day the rain had cleared away to make way for bright sunshine and crisp fresh air so we took a walk through the park which I love doing because there's lots of squirrels running about and they're always super friendly. The one in the photo above stood on Josh's shoes and came right up to me, sniffing my gloves!

Walking around York in the sunshine is one of the most beautiful things ever so we decided to take in more of the sights and walk the city walls. We've only ever walked part of the walls so we decided to do the whole thing. It took us quite a while (around 1 hour 45 mins and we're fast walkers!) but it was completely worth it, it was so peaceful and relaxing and we saw parts of York we'd never seen before. I felt to refreshed afterwards.

Luckily whilst we were there the river hadn't flooded too much, it had broken its banks but nothing compared to what happened just a couple of days later which was just awful to see on the news. 

York easily has to be one of our favourite places to visit in the UK, I mean we go pretty much every year even if it's just for the day! But it was so nice to go just before Christmas, there was a great atmosphere all around and it completely relaxed us just in time for all the festivities.

I also vlogged a bit of our trip, which you can see below.

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