Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Favourite books of 2015

 In 2015 I took part in the Goodreads reading challenge which I've done for the past couple of years now. I set myself I target of 22 books, which I achieved (just) but I found myself rushing books to try and reach my target towards the end of the year. So this year I've set myself the target of 15 books. 
I found that 2015 was a funny year in terms of reading for me. Half way through the year I fell quite far behind in writing book reviews on here and I still haven't fully caught up. Then for around the last three months of the year I just couldn't really focus on reading or properly get into any books. So here's hoping that 2016 will be a better read. 

Here are my favourite reads of 2015:

House of Silk - This book had been sat on my shelf for years, I'm not sure why I hadn't picked it up sooner. Anyway I absolutely loved this novel, it did complete justice to the original Sherlock Homes novels. It completely gripped me and the reveal of what 'The House of Silk' is, was something I didn't see coming. 
I really need to read the second book 'Moriarty' now.

Full review here.

The Angel's Game - This is the third Carlos Ruiz Zafon book I've read and in my eyes he cannot do any wrong. He's books are so perfectly written. I really enjoyed the supernatural element of this book too. This is also the prequel to The Shadow of the Wind which I actually read before this (it was released first too) so I don't think it matters too much which way round you read them. I now need to read The Prisoner of Heaven to complete the trilogy.

Full review here.

One Hundred Names - Even though I don't normally do 'girly' novels, I liked this for the ease and simplicity and the way it flowed along nicely. Sometimes we all need to read a book like that. Even though there wasn't anything particularly groundbreaking about this book, it's made it into the favourites list because the idea behind it is actually pretty good.

Full review here.

Me Before You - The blurb does this book no justice at all so if you've ever picked it up and put it back because of the blurb I urge you to give it a go anyway. It's way more powerful and a not at all chick lit like as the blurb would have you believe. The film is being released later in the year and I really hope it does the book justice. Just make sure you have some tissues ready if you read this, it left me in floods of tears.

Full review here.

Eleanor and Park - I was completely absorbed in this book, it managed to wrap me up in Eleanor and Park's world completely and left a big book shaped hole in my life when I'd finished it. It's hard to say what I loved so much about this book, maybe it's the fact it's so relatable. I'd go as far as to say that this could be my number one book of the year.

Full review here.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard - I read this during my reading slump. I figured it was better to go with something easier seen as I couldn't really concentrate on reading. This book was just the ticket to lift me out of my slump. It's so well written and presented with that same magic sparkle as the Harry Potter novels.

Full review here.

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