Reflecting on 2015 and looking forward

I can say that without a shadow of a doubt that 2015 was the best year ever. Ok so the main goal for the year didn't work out, we'd actually hoped to move in with each other around the middle of 2015 but quite early on in the year we made the conscious decision that we wanted to spend the money we'd saved on other things, on making amazing memories, and I can safely say that 2015 was exactly that, the year that the best memories ever were created. As much as we're both more than ready for our own place (and have been for a long time) I'll be forever happy that we made the decisions that we did. 2015 was the first year we've been truly settled since returning home from university in 2013, we both have secure jobs, a healthy attitude to what we want in life and how to go about it and as the year draws to a close, for the first time ever it actually feels like everything is falling into place.

I love looking back at all the things Josh and I have done this year so I thought I'd share some of my favourite photo's and memories from this year...

 Harry Potter Studio Tour // Visiting Abby Road // Seeing Paul McCartney in Birmingham and Liverpool // Going backstage at Paul McCartney in Liverpool and meeting Peter Kay // My Dad's 50th // My Mum's 50th // Meeting Tinkerbell at Magic Kingdom // Going to Florida // Seeing Bill Bailey

 After an amazing 2015 I've been thinking a lot about 2016. I don't like to make resolutions as realistically no one ever sticks to them anyway but there are a few things I would like from the next year:
  1. Our own home - Josh and I have been together for 8 years now, 3 of which we lived together at university. Living apart all this time hasn't got any easier and 2016 is definitely the year that we're getting our own home. It fills me with so many emotions to realise that this is finally happening, but mainly I can't contain my excitement when I think that this time next year Josh and I will be settled into a place we can call our own and we'll be creating a beautiful home together. 
  2. To stop talking and start doing - it's a little cryptic this one but for the longest time Josh and I have talked about a few ideas surrounding things we'd like to do and a month or so ago we hit on an idea that we both really like. When we're settled with our own place I'd like to start putting our ideas into action. I want to stop talking about all these things and start actually doing them!
  3. Go back to YouTube - a few years ago I tried my hand at YouTube and I'll be honest I wasn't very good. I didn't have the right equipment meaning I was never happy with my substandard videos and I'll be honest, sitting down and talking to a camera isn't really my thing. However over this past year I've discovered a type of video I actually love making and that's the vlogs that have cropped up throughout the year such as the Paul McCartney on and the Florida ones. I'd like to continue making and developing those and hopefully grow my channel to document all of our adventures.
 So they're the things I would like from 2016, not unrealistic and completely achievable I think!

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