Christmas 2015: Traditions

We don't have an abundance of Christmas traditions at the moment as we don't live together so we don't spend the entire festive period together. I suspect that next Christmas when we do have our own place then more things that become 'tradition' may start sneaking it. However I thought it would be fun to share some of the traditions we do have now as it'll also be good for me to look back on to see how things change.

  1. Exchanging a present on Christmas Eve - it usually isn't anything big, just some sweets or chocolates, but we like to exchange a small present on Christmas Eve.
  2. Watching The Muppet Christmas Carol and Polar Express on Christmas Eve - these are our favourite two Christmas films so we always save them to watch on Christmas Eve.
  3. Maltesers and Cherry Coke - Josh always buys me a bottle of Cherry Coke and a box of Maltesers for Christmas because it was the first thing he ever bought me when we got together which happened to be a week before Christmas
  4. Drinking Jacques - for some unknown reason Jacques fruit cider has become a traditional drink for us to have on Christmas Eve.
  5. Starting Christmas Day with a bacon sandwich - the first thing we do when we get up, before opening presents or anything is have a nice, big bacon sandwich.

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