The Travel Bucket List - Part 2

Washington D.C - I'll be completly honest, it's House of Cards that has made me want to go here. The opening credits have me longing to visit all the famous landmarks and pretend I'm Frank Underwood!

Iceland - Iceland looks so beautiful. I've always wanted to do a cold holiday so Iceland seems like the perfect place what with the Blue Lagoon and a chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

San Francisco - Aside from seeing the Golden Gate Bridge I can't tell you what draws me to San Francisco but I've always wanted to visit and I really hope I do get to one day.

Berlin Christmas Market - It's no secret that Christmas is my favourite time of the year so how amazing would it be to visit a Christmas market in Germany?!

New Orleans - Again another one that's a bit tricky to explain but it's somewhere I've always wanted to visit. The culture and buildings really draw me in.

Florida Keys - When we visited Orlando earlier in the year we said we'd love to go back and have a week in the Keys at the end of our Disney holiday. Hoping to tick this one off in the next couple of years.

You can read part 1 of my travel bucket list here.

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