A day in the life... 17.10.15

On Saturday 17th October 2015 I decided to share my day with you and take a photo every hour. Enjoy!

For once I actually had a decent lay in. I get up at 6 everyday for work and usually at weekends I'm at Josh's so I don't lay in. However we've been at mine the past couple of weeks as my Dad is on holiday so I had the most glorious lay in then had crumpets for breakfast.
Cuppa time. I don't drink normal tea as I don't like it and I only ever have coffee occasionally at work. I'm usually drinking peppermint or fennel tea (it was peppermint in this case!).
Homeland break. We just had to squeeze in an episode before getting on with the rest of our day. I'd forgotten how good it is.
Getting smooooth ready to go out. Both the scrub and the body conditioner smell amazing. The body conditioner is really good but pretty expensive unfortunately. 
Snack time. We didn't want anything proper for lunch as we were going out for lunch so we just had a packet of crisps (healthy I know!) I really hope the cheese and chive crisps come back.
We never normally drink this early, apart from at Christmas of course, but we were going out and we just wanted a little drink while we got ready. These Cosmo drinks are sooo nice.
The most awkward picture ever but here I am all ready to go out, we headed to Sheffield for tea and to see Bill Bailey at the City Hall
Traveling to Sheffield on the bus. It was already starting to get dark over the 40 minute journey which made me so excited for Winter!
We didn't do any shopping in Sheffield but we don't have a Lush in my home town and I needed to pop in to look at something. I could just buy everything from there.
We went to Cosmo for dinner and it was soooo nice with loads to choose from. We were so full after but it was worth it.
Waiting for Bill Bailey. The tickets for the show were a present from me to Josh for his birthday all the way back in March so he's waited a while for this. 
Ok not strictly a photo an hour but you'd have ended up with loads of similar photo's so I just put on for this time frame. The show started at 8 and finished at around 10.15, we both really enjoyed it and laughed so much.
We got back home around 11.30 and snuggled into bed and looked at some meme's and funny videos before sleeping.

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