FILMS: What We Watched #14

 We're the Millers
2013 | 110 min | Comedy
J: So there I was, bored stiff 20 mins into an 8 hour flight to Florida, so I needed something to watch. First I watched Avengers: Age of Ultron (although Lauren didn't watch it, hence why we ain't reviewing it) and then I watched We're the Millers. Basically a down and out guy is set to make a lot of money by smuggling drugs, but he needs a 'family' to help cover his motives. And herein lies the hilarity. I loved the vanilla-as-fudge family that they end up befriending too! It's a pretty decent comedy. Not the best one ever but I'd definitely watch it again.
L: I watched this on the flight to Florida because I'd either seen the other films or really didn't like the sound of them. This turned out to be a pretty decent comedy and it definitely made me laugh a lot so I told Josh to watch it too. A drug dealer, a stripper, a runaway girl and a nerdy boy all team up to create a family in order to smuggle drugs across the border from Mexico to America. As you can imagine things definitely don't go to plan which is where the many comedic moments come in, from accidentally making friends with a DEA agent to actually discovering they all quite like being part of a family. It's not all that often we watch comedy films to be honest but this one was pretty good and I'd definitely watch it again.
2012 | 110 | Horror
J: I've seen a lot of scary movies, but this has got to be one of my favourites. Basically families are being murdered and there is a link between them all, a link a crime writer unintentionally attaches him and his family to. There is plenty of tension and suspense alleviated by well timed comedy interjections from a local police officer. The murder methods are pretty grim, and the demon that is possessing the kids just looks plain scary. Although I love his name...Mr Boogie. Terrifying with a hint of disco.
L: This has to be one of my favourite horror movies, the only thing is I always have nightmares after watching it which is pretty weird. We've seen Sinister a few times now but it still manages to make me jump. We actually watched this in preparation for seeing Sinister 2 but we haven't actually got round to that. The name of the scary character in this film always makes me laugh a bit (Mr Boogie) but aside from that it is actually a pretty good scary film.
Basically children have been going missing since the 1960's and a crime writer discovers a set of gruesome snuff movies that links them all together. I think the fact the film has creepy children in it freaks me out even more!
 The Midnight Meat Train
2008 | 98 min | Horror / Thriller
J: I saw the title and I thought it'd be a porno. Turns out it was't. Despite my initial disappointment at this revelation, it turned out to be an okay movie.  A little strange, but I can see why it could be considered by some as a cult movie. The acting isn't great, and there are some annoying and over the top special effects that are clearly meant for 3D (eyes flying out towards the screen, etc) but it was still a decent watch.

L: Despite the erm, questionable title this is in fact a horror film though my childish and boyish sense of humor meant I was laughing at this title for a good few hours. We were on the search for the cheesiest horror film we could find on Netflix when we came across this which actually had pretty good reviews and had Bradley Cooper and Vinnie Jones in it so we were under the impression it would actually be a decent film. I found it weird and difficult to follow, the acting wasn't the best I've ever seen and at times it tried to be really artsy with the slow motion shots and overall graininess of the film but it sort of failed. It's not the worst horror film I've ever seen but I don't think I'd watch it again.

Would You Rather
2013 | 93 min | Horror
J: Okay so this one is pretty sadistic. We've all played Would You Rather. Or at least a varient of it. Would you rather have a ducks beak or a ducks legs? That kind of thing. Well this movie s like that, only sicker and you could die. That's pretty much the premise! Despite the rather predictable twist at the end that you could see coming from about 4 years away, it's a really good scary movie.
L: This film is a dark twist on the traditional game of would you rather. Instead of funny things like would you rather have the face of a cat or the face of a dog it's stuff like would you rather electrocute yourself or the person sat next to you then it gets worse from there. This kind of reminded me of the Saw films. It was a decent watch and I would probably watch it again but it did have a very predictable ending.

If you only watch one of these films it should be...
J: Would You Rather
L: Sinister

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