Happy List #115

July, you were a great month! I was a little let down with the weather as you should have been so much warmer but I'll let you off. 

July was a super full month of fun things, days out, my birthday, more Florida planning and meeting the new little ball of fluff that is Boo. Achievement of the month, I finally learned how to do a fishtail braid, I can't believe it's taken me so long!

Things that made me happy in July...
  1. Days out - I love nothing more than staying at home with my pjs on and watching a good tv series or a film but sometimes you've just got to go out and this month was jam packed with days and nights out. From a work night out to see our school production of Little Shop of Horrors (which was amazing), a trip to the farm, watching my Dad enjoy his super car race day we bought him for his birthday, going out for lunch for my birthday, going out for an Indian with my family for my birthday and finally going out to celebrate my mums 50th birthday (wow that was a lot of meals out!)
  2. Boo - Josh and his family got a new kitten this month and she's just the tiniest ball of fluff I've ever seen. She's taken to attacking my feet when I wear my slippers but when she falls asleep cuddled in my arms all is forgiven.
  3. My birthday - I mentioned here I was looking forwards to my birthday this year, although been another year older isn't quite to great. You can read all about my birthday here.  


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