Book Review: The Finding of Freddie Perkins

Freddie Perkins has lost a lot. His mum, for a start. His friends and his home, now he's been dragged up to Scotland to live with his granny. And even his dad - because even though Dad's still there, he and Freddie can't seem to talk any more.

But something is watching Freddie. Something very rare and very special. Something that finds things that are lost.

Freddie has lost a lot, but he's about to discover how much there is out there to find...

This is a children's book (I'd say about 10 years old) but I'm really not fussed about who books are meant to be aimed at and I'll read anything as long as it sounds interesting. I can't even remember how I ended up with this book, it was on my Kindle so I'm guessing it was on a deal one day.

Freddie Perkins' mum has died, he and his dad try to carry on as normal with each other but a huge problem stands in their way...silence. Neither know what to say to each other or how to properly talk about their feelings. Then they move in with Freddie's grandma who Freddie dislikes, he's stuck in the middle of nowhere in a huge house until his grandma suggests a small adventure for them both that changes Freddie's life.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I think it's a great read for kids to teach them about emotions and feelings, the importance of talking about things and family. I also think adult alike will enjoy this book, I know I did. It's a quick and easy read for pretty much any age that packs a decent punch and manages to add a magical feel to the story.

 Rating: ★★

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