FILMS: What We Watched #12

Jurassic Park
1993 | 127 min | Adventure / Science Fiction
J: I've always loved dinosaurs and with Jurassic World being released I thought it was only right to revisit the original. Released in 1993, the CGI is well ahead of it's time, bringing photo-realistic dinosaurs to the big screen. It has a great cast (with Jeff Goldblum as Dr Ian Malcolm being a comedic highlight) and all in all it really got me hooked on dino's. The Velociraptors are little troublemakers though. You gotta watch em. Though the anti-hero Tyrannosaurus Rex puts a stop to their antics! 

L: I've never been a huge fan of this film but seen as Josh wanted to go and see Jurassic World I had to put up with watching this. I'll be honest I still haven't changed my mind about this film, I just don't think it's that great. I know it's meant to be exciting but it fails to rouse any emotion in me. Sorry for hating on a classic but I'm here to be honest!
Jurassic World
2015 | 124 min | Adventure / Science Fiction
J: The long overdue dinosaur sequel finally got released...only 15 years after the release of Jurassic Park III! Set in the same location as the original film, the park is finally open and welcoming thousands of visitors a day. Unfortunately the owners feel the need to 'invent' a dinosaur hybrid. Inevitably it escapes and aaaall hell breaks loose. Lauren really didn't think she'd like this and I had to really coax her into coming, but guess what...she loved it! Oh, and the Indominus Rex vs Tyranosaurus rex/Velociraptors/Mosasaurus 'tag-team' battle at the end is spectacular!  

L: Now this film for me swung in the complete opposite way to Jurassic Park, I loved this film so much. I definitely had to be persuaded to go and see it but I'm so glad I did because it's bloody brilliant. The lead female character gets a little annoying at times but it's nothing I couldn't cope with. Jurassic World made me genuinely wish such a place existed.
Jurassic Park: The Lost World
1997 | 129 min | Adventure / Science Fiction
J: The (almost ) direct follow-up to the original Jurassic Park sees Dr Ian Malcolm being forced to travel back to the land of dinosaurs. Unfortunately a team of mercenaries looking to capture and exploit the living relics also show up, and they are forced to team up to survive. Long story short, a Tyranosaurus Rex buck ends up running amok in San Diego and it's a race against time to get it back home. While many people thing the original Jurassic Park is far superior, I think this one is just as good. It just has a different, more jungle-y vibe, that's all! 

L: This one is much better than the original film and certainly keeps me interested a lot more. It seems much more lively and entertaining then the original and I like that Jeff Goldblum has more of a lead role as he certainly makes the film. Still not as amazing as Jurassic World though!
1968 | 153 min | Musical
J: Who doesn't love a good musical every now and again?! To be honest we never planned on watching this, it was just there when nothing else was on. I hadn't seen it in yeeeears, and quite frankly I enjoyed it. And what's more I remembered most words to most songs. You know, for when I was singing along in my head. Ron Moody was an excellent Fagin, funny, creepy and lovable all at the same time! A side note, but I never remember Oliver himself being such a girl though!

L: I loved Oliver! when I was younger and regularly used to stick on the tape of it and sing along. It turns out after years of not watching it I love it just as much and I can still remember the words to all the songs as unlike Josh I was singing out loud. I just love the story of Oliver but then that's no surprise as I love anything to do with the Victorian era but when you through some catchy little numbers into the mix too then you've got a real winner. Oh and Ron Moody was just born to play Fagin, he's brilliant.
Captain Phillips
2013 | 134 min | Biographical / Thriller
J: I'd heard about this film and I'd heard good things about it, but I'd never got around to actually watching it. It showed up on NowTV so we thought we'd give it a whirl, and it's actually a really good, gripping film. Plus the fact that it really happened makes it even more exciting. Hats off to the fantastic cast AND hats off to the real Captain Phillips! 

L: We'd seen this on Now TV before and I'd brushed it off, in all honesty it didn't sound like my kind of film and the trailer didn't do it justice either. However when Josh mentioned it again I gave in. Captain Phillips is a true story about the hijacking of the cargo ship Maersk Alabama and the eventual kidnapping of its captain, Richard Phillips. It creates suspense very well but it is a talky film, not lacking in action by any means but just a lot of dialogue but this doesn't bother me. I actually really enjoyed this film and I have to say hats off to the real Captain Phillips for what he went through.

If you only watch one of these films it should be...
J: Jurassic World
L: I love Oliver! but I think Jurassic World is going to have to be my one pick!


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