Our Weekend #4

The farm / My Dad's super car driving experience / Yorkshire Air Musuem

One farm visited
Several animals fed
Two rabbits stroked
One very friendly goat
Four laps in a Lotus Elise
One afternoon spent at an air museum

So that was our weekend! Normally we stay in at weekends (and very often don't get out of our pj's) but the weekend just gone was a lot different. On Saturday we went to a farm that's not too far from me, Josh refused to feed the animals but I loved it! We had lunch at the farm then decided because it was a nice day, it was only right to stop off at the pub. Passionfruit cider is my new favourite drink!

On Sunday we headed out with my Dad and Stepmum. For my Dad's 50th Josh and I bought him a super car driving experience so we all went to watch him zipping around the track in a Lotus Elise, he really enjoyed it. In the afternoon we went to the Yorkshire Air Museum as it's right next door to the race track.

I love my weekends in but it was so nice to do something. We had a great weekend.

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