On turning 24 and reflecting

OK so July isn't the traditional time of the year to reflect on things however as my birthday approaches I like to gather my thoughts and take a look back at the last year.
Last year I wrote this post on turning 23, I said I wasn't too bothered about seeing the back of 22 as it hadn't been a great year and that I hoped 23 would be much better. I spent a large amount of 22 jobless, then worked in a job I thought I enjoyed which was only for a 6 month contract then became jobless again on the cusp of turning 23. I'll be honest and say I expected 23 to be just as bad as 22.
But guess what? It wasn't. 23 has been amazing. Not too long after my birthday I started supply work which opened up a whole new opportunity to me and eventually landed me the job I have now, a job I enjoy and have learnt a lot in since starting in November. Josh and I also booked our dream holiday to Florida, we'd talked about Florida for years but never dreamed we'd be in a position where booking it would be an option and now we're just over 2 weeks away from flying out there! We've also done a ton of stuff in this past year from visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour to seeing Paul McCartney live twice and getting backstage.

The truth is 23 brought me the happiness, stability and security I've craved since leaving university and I'm really sad to leave such a great year behind however rather than fearing the next year and the unknown it will bring I'm feeling excited at everything that 24 has in store for me.

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