Happy List #114 The June 2015 Edition

 I didn't mean to leave it so long until the next Happy List but I've somehow missed out the April and May editions, oopps. This is the longest running feature on my blog though it's changed shape a lot over the years going from a weekly feature to an as and when feature and then to a monthly feature, but they've always been my favourites to write. It's like sitting down and having a good catch up with you all and these posts tend to be the ones I look back on the most as well. 

June was a funny old month, I always say that time is going to fast but then I look back to the 1st June and it seems like ages away. Anyway my month kicked off with a planned hospital visit on the 1st of the month for a day surgery operation and I have to say after nearly a year of pain I'm feeling pretty great right now, like I've actually got my life back. Aside from that I can't think that anything else too interesting happened in June, this is probably why I should plan my Happy List posts out much better. I promise July's one will be so much better!

Things that made me happy in June...
  1. The gorgeous weather - towards the end of the month the weather was amazing. It feels like so long ago since we had really nice, hot weather.
  2. Finally feeling better - as I mentioned above this is the first time in about a year that I've actually felt 100% OK and it's such an amazing feeling.
  3. Spending time with Josh - any extra time with Josh is always a bonus as we don't usually get to see each other too much apart from at weekends.
Things to look forwards to in July - my birthday / finishing work for 6 weeks / more nice weather (fingers crossed)

June's blog post[s] of the month: Birmingham, Liverpool and 2 Paul McCartney Concerts // Having Your Sh*t Together // Florida Holiday Haul

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