Reintroducing goals before I'm 25

Since I turned 20 back in 2011 I've had a little page at the top of this blog entitled 'not quite 25 before 25' my ode to the popular list of 25 goals to achieve before you're 25, except I could never quite think of 25 things. With my 24th birthday quickly approaching I recently went back to have a look at this list and I realised it just didn't represent me anymore. I felt weighed down and a little trapped by the list and surely that isn't the point of it at all. So I've decided to revamp it, I've kept some of the goals I'd already achieved on there but then I've scrapped the ones that weren't making me happy and added some new ones. There still aren't 25 goals which is why it has also been renamed 'goals before my 25th'. You can access my list at anytime here (and using the link at the top of my blog) to see what I've already achieved and to keep up to date with the things I'll be ticking off but the list now looks like this:

  1. Get my own place with Josh
  2. Graduate from university (completed)
  3. Go on holiday at least 3 more times with Josh
  4. Get a cat
  5. Have more mini breaks
  6. See a show in London (completed)
  7. See Paul McCartney live again (completed)
  8. Take part in the race for life
  9. Get a tattoo
  10. Get some work published (completed)
  11. Stop biting my nails (completed)
  12. Learn to cook/bake at least 10 homemade dishes
  13. Visit at least 10 new places
  14. Let go of fear
  15. Do something that scares me
  16. Exercise more


  1. Just 1 cat, i would get about 50 haha =]

    1. Well I thought I'd start small then build up my army of cats! x


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