Birmingham, Liverpool and 2 Paul McCartney Concerts

Earlier in the year Josh and I got pretty excited when we heard that Paul McCartney was finally heading back to the UK for a tour, the last time he performed in the UK was at one off charity gig in 2013 and the last actual tour he did in the UK was all the way back in 2011 (which Josh and I also went to and you can see my post on that concert here). Now we wanted to do it right and see him in his home town - Liverpool - one because we love Liverpool and two because home town concerts just have an amazing atmosphere, so when we got tickets we were pretty chuffed. 

Fast forwards a few months and we found out that extra tickets had been released for his Birmingham concert at a pretty decent price. To be honest I wasn't up for going to the Birmingham one at first but Josh slowly brought me round to the idea, I mean we're huge fans and who knows when he'll next come back to the UK. So last week we had a packed week of visiting Birmingham on Wednesday and seeing the first McCartney concert that night then going to Liverpool on Thursday to see the second concert. 

To be honest I was pretty excited about the whole thing especially Liverpool, but a week before the Liverpool concert Josh gave me some even better news. For a few years now Josh has been in contact with someone close to Paul McCartney (I can't really mention names!) anyway they had kindly arranged to get us backstage passes. I could've died with excitement! When we got to the concert though we discovered not only had they arranged us the backstage passes but got us better seats for the concert too! I genuinely couldn't believe it. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the band as apparently they were in a different room and not many people managed to find them, not even the ones who'd paid for backstage passes. To my amazement though Paul himself came in the room, we didn't really get any photo's or anything though because he was there to see family and everyone was playing it cool. Another backstage surprise came in the form of Peter Kay and this time we did get a picture, there was no playing it cool with him! The backstage experience was amazing and one I'll never forgot and the better seats we got meant we had a brilliant view of the concert. I still can't get over how lucky we were and we are so grateful for what was arranged for us.

Of course both concerts themselves were amazing but Liverpool far outweighed Birmingham, the atmosphere alone made it. I've not included any photo's from Birmingham in this post as although we weren't really far away the photo's from Liverpool are just much better because of how close we were. We actually have hundreds of pictures but I thought it best not to bore you with that so I've just included a couple from Liverpool itself and some of the Liverpool concert.

We also filmed some bits and pieces at both concerts which I've put into a vlog so I hope you enjoy that too.

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