FILMS: What We Watched #10

After a quiet few months on the film front we have a bumper post full of films today, and by bumper I mean we have 18 films in total for you so we've decided to split this post in two, you can view part one of the film reviews here. OK we may have gone a little film crazy in April but we're blaming the fact we had two weeks off work and partook in many film days and the fact that we've bought Now TV which basically has some pretty good films on it. So grab a drink and get comfy and read on for part 2 of April's film reviews.
1995 | 127 min | Thriller
J: A story about a killer that kills seven people based on the seven deadly sins. Sounds like a laugh-a-minute, I’m sure you’ll agree! But it’s actually not a bad film. With Morgan Freeman playing a pretty good weary old cop and Brad Pitt playing his eager new partner, Seven holds your attention right up until its grizzly ending.

L: We've seen this film a couple of times before now but it is a really good film that explores the 7 deadly sins through a series of murders. Cheery eh?! Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman both play great parts in this film portraying a career driven, short tempered detective and a soon-to-be-retired cop who has had enough of the city. They both get thrown into the case trying to track down the killer until he unexpectedly hands himself in with two sins left.
 Shaun of the Dead
2004 | 99 min | Comedy / Horror
J: This is an absolute belter! It’s one of those films that is still funny and fresh and is just a silly spin on the horror genre. A spoof of Dawn of the Dead (obviously), it’s never a bad thing when Simon Pegg and Nick Frost team up. And let’s not forget that great scene in the pub where they’re beating a zombie to death to Queen’s classic Don’t Stop Me Now! How’s that for a slice of fried gold!

L: Shaun of the Dead is one of those films you can put on and just not think about which is what we all need sometimes. This is a film you can come back to and enjoy again and again. It isn't big or clever but it does provide a good few laughs. Although it doesn't outrightly state anywhere that this is a piss take of zombie films, it clearly is, I mean just look at the title! Nonetheless it is enjoyable.
 The Croods
2013 | 98 min | Animation / Adventure / Comedy
J: Another non-Disney/Pixar animation that really delivered! I’m always wary when it comes to things like this, but The Croods is great! A love story set in prehistoric times, it’s a fun road trip that sees cave men, who like everything nice and safe and the same, thrust out into the big wide world in order to survive the apocalyptic changes that are happening.

L: We've wanted to watch this film ever since it was first released but we just never got around to it. It follows a cave family and a homo sapian boy who befriends the eldest daughter of the cave family as they try and find somewhere safe to live due to earthquakes and continental splits. It's not Disney or Pixar standards but it is a really enjoyable film and the animated scenery is actually really pretty!

 The Lego Movie
2013 | 100 min | Animation / Adventure / Comedy
J: I love Lego. I love movies. Therefore Lego Movie was always bound to be rated very highly by me! With some great voice acting, especially from Liam Neeson and Will Ferrall, Lego Movie has some really funny nods to many various Lego sets (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, etc etc etc). The jokes are also really multi-levelled, aimed at adults as well as kids!

L: Despite having heard good things about this film, I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it and admittedly the animation style did take a bit of getting used to. However The Lego Movie was much better than I expected and I really enjoyed it. I really liked the ending too which brought in a live action element to add to the Lego story. I also really want a Unikitty Lego figure now!

 The Inbetweeners 2
2014 | 96 min | Comedy
J: This felt like a story that was too long for a normal length episode but too short for a full feature length movie. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty to laugh at and the jokes are as crude and ridiculous as ever, but it’s not on the same level as the first Inbetweeners movie or the TV series.

L: For a few laughs the Inbetweeners 2 is worth watching but I definitely feel it works better in a TV series. There is a point in the film where you feel it has gone on for a little bit too long. The first film was better but on the whole I much prefer the series. Still worth a watch though.

2006 | 84 min | Comedy
J: A brilliant cringe movie, Borat finds the Kazakh reporter travelling to America to find out about how they live...with hilariously embarrassing consequences. While a lot is obviously staged and filmed as a movie, it’s the ad-hoc bits where people are unaware that this is being made into a comedy film that bring the big laughs. For example, Borat trying to trap Pamela Anderson in a sack and she is terrified and screaming...hilarious stuff!

L: I am in a constant state of cringing whenever I watch Sacha Baron Cohen's films and Borat is no different, it's offensive, stupid and so embarrassing but you can't help laughing. The fact that a lot of the characters aren't played by actors and weren't warned what would be happening makes it even funnier and cringe worthy.

 The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
2014 | 144 min | Fantasy / Adventure
J: If you don’t love a good battle or two then you might as well not even like movies, because The Battle of the Five Armies is a great, cataclysmic ending to The Hobbit trilogy. While it’s not quite on par with Lord of the Rings, it’s still really good. Plus Martin Freeman beats Elijah Wood any day. But for some reason Lauren cries...and while this is a fantastic ending to the trilogy I can’t understand why she finds it to be a tear jerker!

L: The final and I think perhaps the best film in the Hobbit trilogy. Unfortunately for me the battle isn't a patch on the great Orc battles seen in the Lord of the Rings. Everything about the Hobbit is just much gentler than the Lord of the Rings. This film does make me cry though I just can't hack the deaths at the end and then Bilbo leaving the dwarves, it's just all too much for me to handle.

The Italian Job
1969 | 95 min | Caper
J: A proper classic! This heist movie is a well paced, funny, engaging and very 60’s affair, with Michael Caine at the helm of the daring and grand scheme to steal $4million in gold from an Italian bank, culminating in a literal cliffhanger. Oh, and I’ve got to say it: you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!!

L: Up until now I'd never seen this film, is that some sort of crime to have not seen such a classic?! Anyway The Italian Job has just never appealed to me but I wish I'd watched it sooner as I really enjoyed it. Michael Caine is just brilliant in it as Charlie Crocker, the loveable rogue who hatches a plan to steal 4 million dollars in Italy and escape with it to Switzerland. I want more classic films to watch now!

Muppets Most Wanted
2014 | 107 min | Musical / Comedy / Caper
J: Is it high praise if I say this Muppets movie is the best Muppets movie since the last Muppets movie?! Picking up right after the last movie, this one hops back into the action (via a song) that sees Ricky Gervais and a Kermit imposter rob their way around Europe while the real Kermit is framed for crimes he didn’t commit. Funny and playful with songs that are as catchy and witty as ever!
L: How can I even begin to express how much I bloody loved this film?! I was not expecting it to be anywhere near as good as it was. The Muppets teamed with some extremely catchy musical numbers is just a winning combination. I've not stopped singing the songs since we watched it. Ricky Gervais is pretty good as the criminal Dominic Badguy aka the Lemur too. I urge you to watch this right now!

If you only watch one of these films it should be:
J: It’s very close between The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies and Muppets Most Wanted. But I think The Muppets take it. Just!
L: Definitely Muppets Most wanted, without a doubt.

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