FILMS: What We Watched #8

The Emperor's New Groove
2000 | 78 | Comedy / Animation
J: I'd never seen this film before (at least I don't remember seeing it, anyway!) I vaguely remember the spinoff cartoon The Emperor's New School, but not the original movie itself! Anyway, it was pretty good...I got a good few chuckles out of it, and John Goodman (AKA Fred Flintstone) and Patrick Warburton (AKA Joe from Family Guy) provide some fantastic voices for two of the lead characters!

L: When I saw this on Netflix, I knew I had to introduce Josh to it. I loved this film as a kid. It's just a simple, good fun Disney film. OK it may not be as fancy and as clever as all the more recent Disney films but I like that it's got the more classic feel to it and it still made me laugh watching it as an adult and that's what matters. If at 23 you can't still laugh at a llama what can you do?! Seriously give this a watch I guarantee you'll enjoy the simplicity of it.

 Apollo 13
1995 | 140 min | Historical docudrama
J: Love stuff like, history, action, tense situations...Apollo 13 is a great film made even better because of the fact it's real. The astronauts that flew the mission itself attested to the films accuracy (minus a slight argument...they never argued, apparently!) and said it put them right back up there in the cramped, cold lunar module. Definitely a good, solid watch. And ironically, with the film's lead being played by Tom Hanks, it is Woody the cowboy that is actually a spaceman in space. Who's laughing now, Buzz Lightyear?!

L: This isn't really my usual kind of film, these sort of things are more Josh's cup of tea. I can appreciate that Apollo 13 is a pretty decent film though and even I can sit through it and not get bored. It's the real life story of the aborted 1970 lunar mission. At over 2 hours long it does cram a lot in right from details before the mission, the most important part of during the mission and the issues the Apollo 13 crew faced and then a little bit after the mission. If you enjoy films like this Apollo 13 is definitely worth a watch.

If you only watch one of these films it should be...
J: Oh man! The Emperor's New a (llama) hair 
L: The Emperor's New Groove

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  1. The emperors new groove is one of my favourite films =] Love the humour in it.


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