Taking time to just be - an update

 I've just had the most wonderful two weeks off work. At the start of my holiday I wrote a blog post about how I wanted to just relax, get my energy levels back up and enjoy not having any plans. I also said I'd probably do an update of how that worked out, so here it is!

Despite not having any plans, Josh and I seem to have had quite a good few days this holiday. They were very relaxed, simple days but they were honestly so much fun. We also lost a very large amount of time to films. Regular readers will know how much we love our films from our posts at the end of each month rounding up what we've watched but the last couple of months have been pretty poor in terms of film watching but I can assure you we have more than made up for that already this month, we have currently watched 13 films and there's half the month to go yet so I'm thinking our What We Watched post will be in two parts this month!

When we weren't watching films though we've had some fun days out, eaten lots of (bad) food and taken some of the best naps ever! I just knew it was going to be a good break when Josh left work on our last Friday and suggested heading out for some pub grub and a few drinks, it was the best start to our time off. I can honestly says these two weeks off have to possibly be my favourite ever, I feel refreshed, relaxed, I've laughed so much and generally just felt really happy and that's everything I wanted from this time off.

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