Favourite things about spring

  1.  The first time you can go out without a jacket on and just feel a little bit freer without all the bulk of winter layers
  2. Waking up to blue skies and sunshine makes early morning so much more bearable
  3. Blossom falling from the trees and coating the ground in pretty little petals
  4. Seeing all the lambs and ducklings 
  5. Lighter nights, although I do love dark evenings there does come a time where a crave the light evenings
  6. Been able to snatch a little time outside to relax and have a cuppa
  7. Opening my window and listening to the birds sing on an evening
  8. How much happier everything seems - a bit of sun and a bit more colour to everything makes the world a better place
  9. Ditching boots in favour of pumps
  10. Everything becoming brighter and greener

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  1. I love waking up to my cat "talking" to the birds haha =]



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