Happy List #113 The March 2015 Edition

A surprise from Josh / Josh and his birthday cake / Cat in a bag

 In comparison to February, March was a quiet month so I don't actually have too much to write. Josh and I got to spend a nice bit of time together when my parents went on holiday which just made me wish for our own place even more. During that time Josh also celebrated his 26th birthday which just seems so strange to me! I also completed a speech and language course I've been on through work which means for the time being I have my evenings back as I don't have homework to do.

There was also some sad news at the end of the month, the day after the photo of Lexi, above, was taken she came home with a pretty bad injury. She has had to have an operation to remove one of her eyes. Even though she's not my cat it was still very upsetting. She's still quite tired but seems to be coming round more and more. Hopefully with her being young she'll adjust really well to only having one eye. 

Things that made me happy in March...
  1. Spending time with Josh - usually we only see each other one evening in the week and then Friday night and Saturday day and night so it was great to spend 11 nights with him when my parents were on holiday. I cannot wait until we have our own place.
  2. Free evenings - I finished a speech and language course I've been doing at the end of the month which means I have my evenings back to plan and write blog posts. I'm hoping to get super organised and get a lot of posts scheduled now.
  3. Two weeks off - The end of the month marked two glorious weeks off for me, so technically this is part of April too. I was so ready for this time off. 
  4. Buying Paul McCartney tickets - we were lucky enough to snap up some tickets for Macca's UK tour in May. We've already seen him twice but its been 5 years since he did a UK tour so tickets sold out fast. We were extremely lucky to get them and I can't wait now!
  5. Welcoming lighter evenings - I prefer winter over summer but there becomes a time when I get fed up of the dark and the cold so I'm definitely enjoying the fact that the clocks went forward in March so I can enjoy lighter evenings.
Things to look forwards to in April - enjoying the rest of my time off work. 

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