Dear time, slow down please


Dear time,
I find as I get older you go much faster and I'd really like it if you could slow down a bit please. The hours, days, months and years used to pass by in a calm, relaxed and dare I say it, slow manner. I'll be honest and admit I used to wish sometimes that you'd speed up, that you'd bring along the things I was looking forwards to much quicker than what you did. The next birthday, the next holiday, Christmas, and so on. 

And yet you never did. Until I grew up. And now everything is rushed, months pass by in a blur and before I know it I'm another year older. The people around me are growing older and I'd like to slow things down a bit. I'll wait patiently for the next exciting thing to come along rather than wishing the days away but can you please stop moving so fast.

I always feel I have to cram so much into my days and I day spent doing nothing sometimes feels like a day that's been wasted, I too need to slow down and not try to cram so much into the few hours you give me each day. I complain how my week has dragged but then my weekends have passed me by before I've time to think. I'd like to look back every now and again and think that the weekend had gone slowly too.

So lets make a deal time, you and I, I'll stop wishing away the days if you could just put the brakes on a little. Thanks. 

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