Josh's 26th

I wasn't going to bother with this post but I looked back through my blog and realised I've done a post about Josh's birthday every year since I started this blog, including one just a few days after I began writing on here so I felt like I couldn't break with tradition! 

So yeah Josh celebrated his 26th birthday on Monday, I don't know why but that actually scares me a little but naturally Josh couldn't give a crap how old he is! But I jut feel all funny that he's now over half way through his twenties. 
On his actual birthday we didn't do much as we were both at work, he opened his presents in the evening when we had more time then I cooked a meal and we enjoyed some birthday cake, which I also baked. We did go out for a meal on Sunday though and then we went out with his family for a meal on Thursday so we've certainly stuffed our faces this week.

I hope you really enjoyed your birthday Josh!

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