The Making of Harry Potter - Studio Tour Part 2

 Here is the second part of my photo diary from the Harry Potter studio tour. By the way the Butterbeer I'm drinking above was amazing. Highly recommended!

 At the tour there is the backlot area with some more sets from the films including the Knight Bus, No4 Privet Drive, the Potter cottage and the Hogwarts Bridge amongst others.
 The second half of the tour contains a lot of prosthetics used in the films as well as life sized models of some of the cast members that were also used in the films. They are incredibly detailed and very life-like.

 The Diagon Alley set was definitely one of my favourite parts of the tour. I loved seeing all the shops and the detail that went into them.

The Hogwarts Castle model was the perfect end to the tour, it's difficult to judge just how big it is from these photo's but I can assure you it is very impressive. I was a little blown away by it.

We absolutely loved the Harry Potter studio tour and would recommend it to any Harry Potter fan as a must visit attraction, we've already said we'd love to go back as there was just so much to look at it was hard to take it all in. 

You can see part 1 of the trip here and I also have a short vlog from the day which you can watch here.

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