The Making of Harry Potter - Studio Tour Part 1

We finally visited the Harry Potter studio tour! Ever since we first heard it was opening we've wanted to visit especially me. As time went by and the studio had been open for quite a few years I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever get to actually go until at the end of last year we finally booked a little trip away to visit The Making of Harry Potter! Even looking back over these photos is making me excited. We took so many photo's that I've really struggled to pick out which ones to include but I finally made to selection and I've decided to do two posts about our trip so as not to bombard you with photo's.
 Me and Crookshanks, OK, so it's just a toy!

 The cupboard under the stairs set is to the side as you queue for your tour, it's just a small taster of what's to come. One of the first big sets you see is the Great Hall, complete with some of the props and costumes you see in the films.

Each set has some of the costumes from the films and there's lots to read about each set which gives you a real insight into the films.
 When we visited it was also animal actors week so we got to meet some of the animals from the films. Although the cat above was never part of the films it is now part of the Crookshanks team.

Dumbledore's office and various props from the films.
Magic is Might statue from the Ministry of Magic.

You can see part 2 of the studio tour here. I've also got a short vlog from the day too which can be viewed here. Part 2 of the studio tour photo's will be up on Wednesday.

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  1. Amazing, i love harry potter, i really need to go =]


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