Having it all

A few nights ago I was sat thinking how I really want my own place with Josh, it quickly spiralled into all the things I wish I had and I don't. I'd gone from wanting to rent an apartment to wanting a house with a garden and a cat, wishing I could drive, owning a nice car, wanting to book holidays to New York, New Zealand and other nice places and then I stopped and realised something.

Dreaming is nice, it's even perfectly normal but when it starts to get you down it's not fun. We're surrounded by other people blogging fun days out, lovely holidays, home wishlists for their new places, perfect pinterest images, tweets and status updates that portray the 'perfect' life. It's been said thousands of times before but we don't often get to see the real stuff because lets face it no one wants to blog about the day out they had planned that went tits up because they missed their train then argued with their boyfriend over who's fault it was, no one wants to expose their 'floordrobe' or upload that picture of the cake that sunk in the middle and no one wants to tweet about shoving down two chocolate biscuits before going to pilates (ahem - true story right there). OK so some people keep it realer than others and it's down to each individual how much of themselves they expose online but no one presents of gritty detail of their life online, we're all guilty of editing our lives to just include the nice things - and I'm not saying that that isn't fine.

My point is we're all guilty of thinking that others have a better life than us at times, of wanting it all without realising what we already have. I may not have my own place yet but at least I know Josh and I working towards it and in the meantime I have lots of other things to be grateful for from the big stuff like the fact we've booked our dream holiday down to the little stuff such as not only having someone to share amazing experiences with but who I can also just snuggle down with, watch a film and eat all the snacks available! 

Be happy with what you already have, it's great to plan and dream but don't get so wrapped up in it that it stops you from seeing that you already have a pretty amazing life.

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