A letter to 18 year old me

 Dear Lauren,
You've just turned 18 and you know that that criminology course just isn't for you so don't be worried about everyone else's opinions and do what's right for you. Don't go to university. You'll spend another year at college but you'll come to realise that that one year is far more productive, enjoyable and useful than the previous two you've done. You'll end up with two of the best tutors during that year who really inspire you so make the most of it. Just actually try to get to lessons on time because your lateness really bugs your English Lit tutor!

You'll go to uni eventually and have the best three years of your life, OK so maybe the course you chose wasn't totally right for you but guess what it introduces you to an amazing new hobby, blogging, and 4 years on you'll still be continuing with that hobby so every cloud and all that. You'll also get to live with Josh which is one of the best things you'll do. Embrace every second of university life because you will never get to live life like you do during that time, carefree, worry free and having all the time in the world to do whatever you want. Oh by the way your neighbours will be the most annoying people on the planet but you'll seek revenge when you start singing...really loud...at 6am after a night in Birmingham!

When you leave university I'm going to tell you straight, you're going to feel really lost. Having to go to the job centre for the next 5 months really gets to you and you're going to feel pretty unhappy, probably the worst you've ever felt. It's also hard to adjust to not living with Josh anymore. You get through it though, just remember things always work out in the end. Josh does a pretty good job of trying to help you remain positive and it turns out his new cat Lexi becomes a source of happiness for you. Yes she's weird and a bit hyper at times and she definitely deserves the reputation of a 'naughty tortie' but it turns out the crazy cat people were right - cats really do have a calming influence!

2014 turns out to be a bit of a strange mix of emotions, you get a job in a school which you really enjoy (see I told you things work out in the end) but it's only a 6 month contract which doesn't get renewed. Determined not to go back to square one you start volunteering and enjoy the 6 weeks holidays and sign up to a supply agency ready for the new school year. Be patient the agency isn't too quick at processing paper work and just when you think you're going to have to head back to the job centre an amazing opportunity presents itself, say yes to it. You'll be scared and left wondering why on earth you agreed to a supply job in a secondary school but I'll let you into a little secret...you get a full time job there in the end and despite vowing you'd never work in a secondary school you love it more than you could've ever imagined.

You enter 2015 feeling happier and more positive than you ever have. Things are finally working out. Have an amazing 5 years. Have fun, keep smiling and say yes to new opportunities and experiences. There's more I could tell you but there has to be some surprises along the way it's all part of life.

Lauren xx

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