The IBS Series: An Introduction and A Disclaimer


The information is these posts are not me offering medical advice. If you are unwell, think you have IBS or your IBS symptoms get worse or change you should see a doctor straight away. What is discussed in these posts with regards to symptoms, medication, triggers, what works/doesn't work are all personal to me. IBS is completely different for everyone and our bodies all react differently to things. I'm not here to tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing nor can I offer any medical advice. These posts are designed to help people, provide information and help people realise they are not alone.
Please seek medical advice before taking any form of medication or if you have concerns over your health.


Now the important bit is out of the way lets get on with things.

So what is the IBS series going to be? Well quite quickly and simply it's going to be a bunch of posts about Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 

The more detailed answer is that I'm hoping this will become a series of posts people can come to if they suffer with IBS, know someone who does or simply just want some information. It's going to a no-holds-barred, frank series that some people may find a bit TMI, to those people I'll say please feel free to click off these posts, no one is making you read them. I want this to be an open place where people feel like they're not alone in suffering with IBS and can be free to leave comments. I'm aware it is a very sensitive and personal topic and if anyone wishes to email me then please do so and I will do my best to help you/chat with you. 

This is something I've wanted to do for a long time but given the whole personal nature of the topic I've put it off for a very long time. Just posting this introduction has took me long enough, I'm not one for getting nervous over publishing posts but I've put off this whole thing for about a year now. Partly because I wanted to get it right and partly because I was  so scared to hit the publish button. I hope this series works out the way I imagined it to and if it helps just one person I'll know I've done a good job. These posts won't be taking over my blog, I may drop by every couple of months to add something to the series (though I will be posting something else soon just to get the whole thing going) but it will always be there for people to find and I'm happy to respond to emails and comments at any time.

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