Happy List #110 The December 2014 Edition

Christmas outfits / Birmingham / Festive drinks / Christmas tree / Seeing in the new year with some fizz / Selfie stick! / Cat cuddles / Mulled wine / Cat napping

My favourite month of the year is over and done with and the January blues are kicking in. I'm not a huge fan of January, it's such a let down after the fun of Christmas and I'm not one for making resolutions or anything so it's all a little boring. 
Aside from Christmas of course (which you can read about here) December was a pretty amazing month. We finally got around to booking the Harry Potter studio tour for next February and I'm so excited already! We also went away for the weekend just before Christmas, we went back to Coventry, our old university city. It was strange but nice to go back but it reminded me of how much I enjoyed my time there and made me miss it all over again. We also went to Birmingham Christmas market during our little trip and it was the perfect way to get right into the festive spirit. Finally we also celebrated 7 years together towards the end of the month which was pretty great!

Things that made me happy in December...
  1. Booking Harry Potter tour - this is something I've wanted to do ever since it opened and I'll finally get to in February. I was ridiculously excited just booking it so who knows what I'll be like when I get there!
  2. Finishing work for 2 weeks - there are definite perks to working in a school and the holidays is one of them. I was extremely ready for a rest and a break but that first morning back was a killer.
  3. A festive weekend away - we both work in schools so purposely booked it for the weekend we broke up. It was so nice to relax and it meant we could feel properly festive.
  4. Christmas - how can Christmas not be one of the things to make me happy this month and this years was a particularly good 'un! Josh and I finally got to spend Christmas Day together which is something we've never done and the whole day was pretty much perfect. I overindulged as usual and was kind of sick of the sight of food by the 27th though!
  5. Candles galore - I love candles and apparently people cottoned on to this for Christmas as I received a handmade candle from my friend, a Yankee Candle votive set and a large Yankee Candle jar.
  6. A quiet New Year - we're not ones for going out on New Years Eve, neither of us are big drinkers and we just can't be bothered with being crammed in and queuing forever for a drink. We stayed at Josh's and enjoyed a few drinks, party food, cat cuddles and some films.
In December I...
Listened to: Christmas songs all the time
Read: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
Watched: Lots of Christmas films
Ate: Pretty much everything in sight. Christmas dinner, chocolate, cake...

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