Happy List #109 The November 2014 Edition

So November was a quiet one and the things I was looking forwards to never really happened. We didn't end up going to a firework display as the weather was really bad here and we still haven't got around to booking the Harry Potter studio tour but hopefully we will be doing that pretty soon. It was also a very expensive month but I think I'm finally almost done with my Christmas shopping now. I almost forgot the big news of the month...I landed a new job sort of. I was doing some long term supply work and interviewed for the permanent job and got it! Because I was already doing the job before nothing has changed but I am really happy just to be staying in one place now rather than going all over for supply work. I'm really enjoying my job but I'm sooo tired all the time at the minute. I'm super ready for a rest over Christmas.

Things that made me happy in November...

  1. My new job - OK so I've already mentioned this but it did make me happy as did going out for a celebration meal after I found out I'd got the job.
  2. Christmas jumpers - I've bought a new Christmas jumper which is going to be on a haul post soon. I love a good Christmas jumper and this one even plays music.
  3. Christmas shopping - I love buying presents for people. Even though I've found Christmas shopping pretty tough this year I've still enjoyed it. 
  4. Festive drinks - hello Costa Christmas menu! The orange hot chocolate is particularly good. A white hot chocolate could be on the cards next.
  5. Spending the day in York - Josh and I had a lovely day in York at the end of the month. It was very festive and we even vlogged a bit of the day which you can see here.
In November I...
Listened to: I'm going through a phases of being bored of my music at the moment but Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds was played a lot
Read: Still on Harry Potter, I never seem to have time to read properly at the moment.
Watched: Apart from films we didn't watch anything else in November
Ate: I really good slice of ginger loaf from Starbucks 

Things to look forwards to in December: Finally booking the Harry Potter studio tour,  17 days off work over Christmas and the New Year, oh and Christmas of course!

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