FILMS: What We Watched #4

Our weekend routine usually consists of watching a couple of films. There's nothing we like more on a Friday and Saturday evening then getting in our pj's, grabbing some snacks and a drink (or maybe just a hot chocolate!) and watching a film. We have quite a Blu Ray collection these days but the same thing happens every weekend in that we can never decide what to watch. 
We thought we'd share with you what films we watch each month and our thoughts on each film.
1998 | 84 min | Adventure / Animation
J: The movie to rival A Bug's Life! Both about ants, both with the same kind of animation, both designed for kids AND adults. Antz has a slightly more grown up sense of humor that takes away some of the magic that A Bug's Life has spades of, so for me while Antz is a great move, A Bug's Life still wins!

L: This was quite an enjoyable film to pass some time on a rainy Saturday afternoon however it was a little too much like A Bug's Life for me and in a battle between the two A Bug's Life is always going to win. It's definitely worth a watch but it isn't a film I'd reach for again like it's Disney counterpart.

The Human Centipede
2099 | 92 min | Horror
J: I'd heard a lot about The Human Centipede: It's sick, it's perverse, it's all kinds of wrong...but when it comes down to it it really isn't explicit enough to be gross and sickening at all. I mean, once you realise they've only got their faces pressed against someones underpants some of the terror and horror is lost. You know what I mean?! Quite a basic, mundane scary movie. Passed an hour and a half though.

L: Where do I even start with this film?! I was adamant that I didn't want to watch it, I mean we've all heard what it's about right? I figured this film had reached a level of depravity that I didn't want to view. However I caved in an watched and my god this isn't half the biggest pile of sh*t I've ever watched. I don't know if I should be slightly worried that I didn't find this film sickening or disturbing at all or if it was really that bad. How two more films have being allowed to be made after this (just based on the terribleness of this one) I don't know. But seriously don't waste your time on this.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original)
1974 | 84 min | Slasher / Horror
J: Now this is a much better scary movie! While I prefer the 2003 remake, the original is still a suspenseful, weird and gory offering that sees old Leatherface carving out a name for himself. All be it with a chainsaw. Watch this movie through undesensitised and unjaded eyes and you can totally see why this is considered an absolute classic of the time!

L: After our last disappointing encounter with 1970's horror in the form of Halloween, I was reluctant to watch this. But surprise surprise this was actually really good. I've seen the remake quite a few times and although the original isn't as jumpy or explicitly gory I think it's much more darker and twisted especially towards the end. Being used to the modern horror film coventions made it a little difficult to settle into this film at first but I quickly found myself getting used to the (slightly dodgey) 70's actors and I really enjoyed this film.

Bee Movie
2007 | 91 min | Comedy / Animation
J: The third movie in out insect-based childrens movie run, and Bee Movie is a genuinely funny and action packed affair! Bees have feelings and feel robbed and used by humans so sue the human race?! Sounds like the bashings of a madman, but it provides plenty of laughs from start to finish! And massive props to Jerry Seinfield and his great voice acting! Though I still can't get past the guy that sounds like Joe Swanson from Family Guy!

L: I've actually seen Bee Movie quite a few times now and it's perhaps one of my favourite none Disney kids films! I can't place what it is exactly with this film but it's really good. The idea of a bee and a human understanding each other and working together is great.

Toy Story
 1995 | 81 min | Adventure / Comedy / Animation
J: The original and best Disney Pixar movie, the premise of Toy Story is amazing: What if toys came to life when humans weren't around?! To say this was made aaaaall the way back in 1995, the animation still looks amazing and the acting (and micro-acting) really sells the characters and the story to you. Love it. But no matter when or where I see Tom Hanks...he's always just going to be Woody to me!

L: Ok so I love Disney but I've being a huge Toy Story fan and I don't no why because the idea is actually a pretty good one and I can appreciate the great ideas behind it and the brilliant animation but it just doesn't hold my interest in the way that so many other Disney films do. Also I have to admit Buzz Lightyear annoys me a little bit!

2007 | 111 min | Comedy / Animation
J: A rat...that wants to be a chef? Controlling a largely useless human by pulling his hair? Only Disney could dream up of Ratatouille! A lovely film that humanises one of the worlds most hated animals, you really find yourself rooting for Remy the rat and Linguini. Oh and my favourite line? Thanks for asking. It comes from hard to please food critic Anton Ego: "If I don't like it...I don't swallow." Yeeeah.

L: Back to the good Disney stuff! I just love Ratatouille and the why it creates and loveable, funny, strong character out of a rat, a creature typically seen as vermin. I also love the Parisian setting. Even in animated form Disney/Pixar have managed to create a dreamy, romantic setting out of a city I'm dying to visit. I could watch this film over and over again and still laugh at the jokes and still be amazed at the animation.

 Toy Story 3
2010 | 103 min | Adventure / Comedy / Animation
J: The most recent Toy Story movie, Toy Story 3 sees Andy preparing to leave home for college. Buzz, Woody and all the other toys mistakenly get donated, and after a brief encounter with a daycare centre, endeavor to get back home. NEARLY as great as the original Toy Story, if Toy Story 3 doesn't leave you with a tear in your eye and a lump in your throat at some point...well...what are you playing at?!

L: Despite the fact I'm not a fan of the first Toy Story film I actually really like Toy Story 3. I found myself laughing at all the jokes and again, unlike the original film, I was actually much more drawn in by this one. I also find myself tearing up a little at one point too. Maybe the whole Toy Story thing isn't so bad after all.

If you only watch one of these films it should be...

J: Toy Story 3. Although I think the original Toy Story is better, I haven't seen the 3rd installment nearly as much so it's fresher to me!

L: Ratatouille definitely!

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