CHRISTMAS: York Christmas Market

Last Sunday Josh and I spent the day in York, wandering around the shops, browsing the Christmas market and sipping on mulled cider. It was the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit. If you've being reading this blog a while you'll know we love York and we never pass up on the opportunity to visit there. York at Christmas though is even more magical.
It was a beautiful sunny day with bright blue skies, we couldn't have hoped for better really. We may have made a couple of completely age inappropriate purchases in the Disney store sale too, cough a huge Lotso and a huge Bullseye from Toy Story cough. Anyway...we visited the quirkiest pub too, you know just to feel like adults again, it's above a beer shop and it sold the best mulled cider I think I've ever tasted but god was it strong stuff! The pub is called The House of Trembling Madness if you're wondering. 
As it got dark we looked around the Christmas market as it had been way too busy to look properly earlier on, there was some nice stuff there and the little wooden huts looked lovely lit up. Unfortunately though we didn't manage to find a new Christmas decoration to add to our collection. Down by Fenwicks there was the prettiest Christmas tree I think I've ever seen. I could have stood watching it change colour for ever! 

We decided to have a go at vlogging a bit of our time in York, although I don't want to get back into sitting down and talking to the camera again I do like these little vlogs so we're probably going to do more in the future. As this was our first time it isn't perfect but I still wanted to share it anyway so I hope you enjoy it.

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