Christmas 2014

Well my favourite day of the year is over for another year. I know lots of people think Christmas ends on Boxing Day but I personally like to drag the whole thing on until New Years Day!
This year, for the first time since we got together seven years ago, Josh and I actually got to spend Christmas together which I was extremely happy about.

We both went to my mum's house on Christmas Eve for a buffet and some games before going on to Josh's house at night where we snuggled down to watch Polar Express, it was so great to get to stay with Josh on Christmas Eve, it made a real change from having to go home then like I have done in previous years. We spent Christmas Day and night at Josh's, drinking, eating, opening presents, chatting and playing games. We finally fell into bed very late and talked about the day and our presents. On Boxing Day I headed home for a second Christmas with my Dad and stepmum. 

This has been the best Christmas I've had and I can honestly say I've never felt as happy!

I love a good nosey at people's Christmas presents so I thought I would share with you what I was lucky enough to get this year and a couple of other festive photo's. 

Opening our presents from each other

 Christmas outfits

 All our presents to each other

 My presents from Josh: blu rays, chocolate, Baileys, Cola movie night in set, Tauriel from the Hobbit, original storyboard from a scene in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and an iPod Nano engraved with my favourite Harry Potter quote

Presents from others: Beatles calendar, Beatles books, Yankee Candle Christmas set, Paperchase organiser, Soap and Glory sets, Yankee Candle large jar in Soft Blanket, Monsters Inc and Monsters University, Lush stuff, The Book Thief blu ray, Victoria Secrets body spray and money (to spend at Harry Potter studio tour!)

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