CHRISTMAS 2014: Our 5 Favourite Things About Christmas

We could properly list bout 100 things to do with Christmas but we thought for everyone's sake we'd keep it nice and simple and condense it down to our five favourite Christmas things.

  1. Food - nothing in specific just all the food! I love a good Christmas dinner, bubble and squeak the day after, chocolate oranges, party food...OK I'll stop now.
  2. Wonderful Christmastime by Paul McCartney - long before I was a McCartney fan I loved this song, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I hear it.
  3. A Christmas Carol - I'm a bit of a nerd and I love anything to do with the Victorian Era, for the past few years it's being a little tradition of mine to read this book in December. I also really enjoy watching the Disney version of it and of course Muppets Christmas Carol.
  4. Giving people presents - I love the whole thing surrounding presents for others. From planning what to buy people, going out shopping, wrapping them (even though I cannot wrap to save my life) and finally handing gifts over to people.
  5. Putting up the decorations - although Josh and I don't leave together we always put a little tree up in his room, over the post couple of years we've been adding some nice decorations to our collection ready for when we have our own place. 
  1.  Christmas dinner - eating far too much until you're far too full...then going back for seconds. Enough said.
  2. December - I love the run up to Christmas. The decorations go up, it becomes acceptable to drink earlier and everyone generally gets into the swing of things.
  3. Wonderful Christmastime - I love all Christmas songs, from The Fairytale of New York to Little Drummer Boy, but this Paul McCartney classic has always topped the list.
  4. Polar Express - similar to Christmas songs, I love all Christmas movies. But as we always watch Polar Express quite late on Christmas Eve, I always associate the magic movie with the excitement of the day.
  5. Seeing the family - it's not often that I see or spend time with much of my family so getting to see everyone and spending time with them is nice.

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