Happy List #108 The October 2014 Edition

This stuff smells amazing / A huge chai latte / One very content cat / Pumpkin carving / The result (I'm no artist) / A beautiful autumn walk / We found halloween masks / The Boots Christmas magazine always makes me happy

So that's one of my favourite months that has been and gone and now it's onto my next favourite! October was definitely a month for making plans which always excites me.

Things that have made me happy in October...
  1. Chai Latte - I have a seriously strong Chai Latte obsession going on at the moment. Just the other week I ordered that largest one I could an sat sipping what was essentially a bucket of the stuff, I couldn't have been happier.
  2. Friday afternoon me time - at the moment I'm on a long term placement with supply work at a school that finishes at 2.15 on a Friday not only does this make me happy but it means that I get a couple of hours to myself while I wait for Josh to finish work and then head to his. My usual Friday afternoon consists of heading to Costa and quietly watching the world go by.
  3. Making plans - Josh and I talked about going away for a night or two just before Christmas quite a while ago but nothing ever came of the discussions until a couple of weeks ago when Josh surprised me by asking if I fancied booking to go to Coventry over night and heading to Birmingham's Christmas market the next day. I'm ridiculously excited to be heading back to our university city and for Christmas market times. Roll on December! We've also decided to go to the Harry Potter studio tour next year so we've been talking about plans for that. And finally in our plan making, we're actually getting to spend Christmas Day together this year, our first one ever so I'm pretty excited for that!
  4. Wearing my tartan scarf - although I haven't whipped out the winter coat just yet there's being a few mornings where the chill in the air has meant wrapping up in my tartan scarf was necessary. It was easily the best purchase I made last year and it's definitely going to be getting a lot of use this year too.
  5. My niece - whenever I see her she always makes me happy but this time round she actually recognises Josh and I as uncle and aunty. It's so cute when she asks for one of us!
  6. Our date day on Halloween - we went for a long walk around a country park near us then tucked into a huge carvery. At night we were accompanied by scary films and snacks.
In October I...
Listened to: 80's tunes. I don't know what it is about cheesy 80's pop but it makes my early mornings brighter!
Read: I am doing so bad with reading at the moment, I finally finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix though and have moved onto The Half-Blood Prince. I'm also reading Girl A in the bath because Harry Potter is too big.
Watched: Boardwalk Empire seasons 3,4 and 5.
Ate: Homemade vegetable pasta bake (recipe here)

Things to look forwards to in November: bonfire night and booking everything for our Harry Potter studio tour trip.

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