An Autumn Walk

On Halloween Josh and I went out for a walk around a country park not too far from where Josh lives. It's very pretty around there and we spent ages walking around and snapping loads of photo's which is why there's a fair few in this post because they're just too pretty not to share them.

After a very long walk around we'd got pretty hungry so we headed to the pub that's conveniently next to the country park and we filled our bellies with a huge carvery. We actually go to that pub for a meal quite a lot when we're off work together because the food is just soooo good. 

We take the prettiest pictures! We usually take some bread for the ducks when we visit here but we completely forgot this time which meant lots of them swam up to us looking very hopeful that we had something to feed them and then quickly turned around seeming very disappointed. We also saw quite a few squirrels this time though they were usually high in the trees out of the way of all the dog walkers!

After we were full up on food we spent a long time chatting and having a little drink. Even though we've both just had a week off work so we've seen each other a lot, sometimes it's nice to just sit down and catch up with each other. We then decided we should probably work off some of that carvery so headed back for another lap around the country park.

By that time the sun had begun to set, it'd got a little cooler and it was much quieter than our first walk around. It was nice to just listen to the birds and the trees rustling in the breeze or the odd squirrel foraging for food. After that we headed home feeling happy and full and just a little bit tired.

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