Wednesday, 8 October 2014

My favourite time of the day

My favourite time of the day usually occurs sometime between 8 and 10 in the evening depending on whether I'm with Josh or not. It's that moment when I can completely switch off from the day and get lost in a film or a book. Nothing beats that moment where I feel completely relaxed and switched off from the world. 

If I'm on my own then it's always a book, I hate watching films on my own I don't know why. Is that a bit weird?! Anyway I've recently being re-reading all the Harry Potter books and I'm currently on the 5th one - The Order of the Phoenix but I love nothing better than snuggling in bed and getting lost in a book. It really relaxes me and I love how a good book can whisk you away to new places and allow you to meet new people. It can get a little bit bad though when I need to go to sleep but I can't put the book down!

When I'm with Josh we usually like to relax with a film. We usually grab something to snack on, pull on our pj's and make a duvet den. As we spend the most time together on a weekend these kind of nights have become something to look forwards to all week.

I'm definitely all for relaxing nights in over nights out!


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