Happy List #107 The September 2014 Edition

Pink skies / Indoor picnic / Tartan blanket scarf / I baked a cake for Josh because I'm good like that! / New bag / Frozen yogurt with Oreo's and strawberries / Striped goodness

 In September I...
Listened to: Fitz and the Tantrums - The Walker. On Repeat. All the time
Read: Steadily making my way through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Watched: Boardwalk Empire season 1 and 2
Ate: Homemade cheesecake and homemade cottage pie

So we're truly in Autumn now and I am very excited. I've said it before but October, November and December are definitely my favourite months. September was a good month, Josh and I got to spend a solid two weeks together when my parents went on holiday which was just about the best thing ever. I also finally got a new camera after mine broke back in July, it's super tiny but it's actually a really really good camera. Things on the job front also looked up in September when I finally got some supply work which is also long term, I've been there a week so I'm imagining I'll have another couple of weeks left there. It's in a secondary school which if you'd said to me a few months ago I'd be working in a secondary school I'd have laughed then probably gone into a state of panic but it turns out that I'm actually really enjoying it. 

Things to look forwards to in October: Halloween, toffee apples and bringing out the cosy tartan scarf.

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