Liverpool 2014

The docks / In the Cavern / My Cavern t-shirt

For my birthday Josh surprised me with a 2 day trip to Liverpool last week. Long time readers of Bits and Bobs will know that this trip to Liverpool has unintentionally become an annual thing now, infact we've been 4 years in a row! However we're not bored of it, there's just something about that wonderful city that keeps drawing us back. We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and headed straight for the Starbucks in the Beatles museum to enjoy a drink and a chat about what to do while we were there. After we decided to head for the Maritime museum on the docks as we've never been and it was actually really good especially the special Titanic exhibition they have at the moment. It wasn't too long until we made a joint decision that a drink at the Cavern was needed, we love the Cavern for all the Beatles music and the great atmosphere. I looked like a super nerd as I happened to be wearing my Cavern t-shirt too! At night we headed to a lovely pub on the docks called the Pump House for some food then it was back to the Cavern!

 Liverpool Cathedral / The aquarium in the world museum / Sully and I in the Disney store

On our second day in Liverpool we went to the World Museum, we've been there quite a few times now but there's so much to see, the aquarium has to be my favourite bit though. My camera decided to break when we got to the museum which was really good of it so for the rest of the trip we had to use Josh's iPhone which is why some of the pics aren't great. After a good couple of hours in the museum we went to Liverpool Cathedral as we haven't seen it before, last year we visited the Metropolitan Cathedral so we wanted to see what the older one was like, I really wish the camera hadn't broke because although I'm not religious the cathedral was lovely inside. At night we went to an old favourite, Red Hot Buffet for lots of food and a cocktail then of course it was onto the Cavern.

Gorgeous sunset over the docks / Enjoying an evening drink in the Cavern / Our names are still in the Cavern 3 years on!

Friday was our last half a day in Liverpool so we went in a couple of shops in Liverpool One before killing the last few hours in our favourite guessed it, the Cavern! Even though we've been to Liverpool so many times now I'm just not bored of it yet, I'd like to say that next year we'll visit somewhere else but we've already discussed if we'll be going back and we've decided that we more than likely will be!

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