Happy List #105 The July 2014 Edition

At The Cavern in Liverpool / Lovely sunset #1 / The result of one night spent in the garden (not just Josh and I, I should add!) / Flowers from work / Planted cats / Lovely sunset #2 / Josh and I built a tower with our niece's bricks!

Huge fruit salad / Enjoyed the evening sunshine with a glass of wine / Bathed cats are sad cats

Despite there been a few tears shed over various things this month I think July has to have been my favourite month of the year so far. Does that have anything to do with the fact it was my birthday a couple of days ago? Maybe! But on the whole July has been a good 'un which is probably why I have sooo many photo's for this month too. I was very sad to have left my job as I enjoyed my time there but I'm now volunteering in a day nursery while it's the summer holidays and I'm really enjoying it. So aside from volunteering July has been spent enjoying the glorious sunshine, starting to re-read the Harry Potter books, celebrating my 23rd birthday and going away to Liverpool for a few days as a birthday present from Josh. After a rather busy July I think August is going to be a quiet one! 

Thing to look forwards to in August: Reading more Harry Potter, simple days out, organising lots of stuff for Bits and Bobs. 

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  1. Happy birthday Lauren! I hope you had a fantastic day. Your cats are just the cutest! x


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