Twenty Three

Yesterday I celebrated my 23rd birthday and as you can see from the photo above I did what any normal person does on there birthday and went to see some horses! I didn't have anything special planned but it was still a lovely day. The celebrations started on Sunday as Josh and I went out for a meal. I was up bright and early Monday morning and enjoyed a relaxing cuppa in bed whilst opening cards and then presents. As it was such a nice day we did spent some time sitting in the garden before going on a walk to see the above horses before finally calling in at the pub.

 After a sit down and a chat at the pub we headed home to sit back out in the garden whilst I had a look through one of my presents, the Harry Potter Film Wizardry book. It may have been a quiet affair but I really enjoyed my birthday and I love all the presents I received.

Presents: Penny Lane cushion / Harry Potter Film Wizardry / Harry Potter Blu Ray box set / Game of Thrones 1-3 box set / Yellow Submarine Post-It Notes / Chocolate / Eye Sleep Mask (I need one to sleep and my old one was all tatty) / Horrible Histories Top Trumps (yeah I still like Horrible Histories!) / Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh / Trip to Liverpool (in white envelope) / Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, Aristocats, Tangled Blu Rays / Letters From The Boys, Exercise in Style, One Hundred Names books / The Cavern t-shirt / Money
So yeah Josh booked for us to go to Liverpool on Wednesday for 2 nights for my birthday! I'm so excited I know we've been loads but I really love it there so I can't wait!
 I also got a print that isn't in the above photo as it wouldn't lay flat but it's a Beatles Mr Kite Victorian circus one. 

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