On Turning 23

Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday and am not too sure how I feel about this partly because I'm not a fan of odd numbers and partly because I'm slipping away from 'early twenties' and rocketing towards 'mid twenties' and that's a scary thought. But then again I'm excited, it's a brand new year to look forwards to and one that I hope is a lot better than 22 was, see those even numbers aren't all they're cracked up to be! 22 could've been better, of course it could have been much worse, but all round it could have been better than it was so I'm afraid to say that I'm not all that bothered about seeing the back of it. I'm excited to see what 23 brings, what new adventures and opportunities there will be along the way. So come on 23 prove me wrong and make me like odd numbers!

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  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!
    I was so excited to turn 23 as its my lucky number and one of the only odd numbers I'm cool with haha. I don't wanna turn 24! Although I have to because I fly to Disneyland the next again day and I really wanna go :P

    I'm sure your 23rd year will be awesome! I hope you have a fabulous time.

    Best wishes, Danielle. x


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