Job searching as a Graduate

 So the time of year where students are leaving the comfort of university life has rolled around once again. I remember it well. I also remember the harsh realities that hit when I began searching for a job. I don't want to scare people but I think it's helpful to know and to realise just how tough it is to get a job upon leaving university. I finished my course in June 2013 and moved home that July, from finishing my course to getting a job I was unemployed for 6 months and now unfortunately I'm facing been in that position once again. The hard truth is that there's so much instability when it comes to jobs now and sometimes there's hundreds of people fighting for that one spot. 

So what can you do when you are searching for a job as a graduate? Well given my experience I came up with a few helpful hints and tips that will hopefully help someone...
  1. Don't get disheartened. I know this is difficult to keep in mind especially after a long period of unemployment but you have to keep in mind that something will come along eventually. 
  2. Look everywhere for a job. Job sections in local newspapers, jobs sites such as Indeed, Twitter. Anywhere you can think of get looking!
  3. Apply for anything. OK so it might not be your dream job, it might not be related to your degree, you may not even need a degree for it but just apply. Been in work is much better than been out of work and you can always keep looking while you're working and earning money. My current job isn't something I thought I'd do after uni, it isn't related to my degree and you don't even need a degree for it but you know what none of that actually matters to me at the moment. I may actually do a separate post on this.
  4. Use your spare time wisely. Don't just sit around use this free time to brush up on some skills that might help you in finding a job. This could be anything from writing, coding, learning a language, drawing. Anything that may benefit you in the long run is a good way to spend your time.
  5. Perfect your CV and your application form writing skills. Looking back application forms I used to fill in were rubbish. Stick to what the employer is asking for but don't be scared to fill the space and get every little thing in there. Don't forget who ever is reading it doesn't know you and that piece of paper is the first impression they'll get of you.
I hope these tips helped and good luck to anyone looking for a job!

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