DAYS OUT: Tropical Butterfly House

OK so I did a post on this place last summer but you can never have too many animal photo's can you?! Me, my dad, my stepmum, my niece and Josh all took a trip to the Tropical Butterfly House on Sunday and Josh got very snap happy as he's never been before! I loved feeding the animals and going in the lemur walk-through. It was much better taking my niece this time too as she walked around most of the time and took more interest in things than when we went last year.

 The peacock kept fanning its feathers out loads, look how beautiful it looks! The baby lemur's were very cute too.

It was a pretty warm day so the meerkat's kept laying down which looked really funny.

Ironically the only animal we didn't really get any photo's of were the butterflies, they just wouldn't stay still long enough! There was also a special fairy forest event on when we visited and I'm not going to lie seeing the little houses and toadstools made my inner child come out.

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  1. Nope, you can never have too many animal photos! haha I love this!!
    We used to visit animal sanctuarys etc quite regularly and haven't for a while. This has made me wanna go again soon!

    I'm glad you didn't get photos of the butterflies as I am petrified lol but my other half loves otters and meercats so they are lovely to see. Fab photos!

    Best wishes, Danielle.


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